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Scouts Canada introduced new uniforms in September 2011. This is the first change in over twenty years, and sees new uniforms for all sections. The old uniforms have been discontinued and are no longer available for purchase.Those who already have "old" uniforms may continue to wear them until they:


                    a) wear out

                    b) are outgrown

                    c) the child / youth moves onto another section.


New Uniforms:


For new people registering, are required to purchase (On-line at Scoutshop.ca):


Beaver Scouts:                  A Beaver Vest and a Beaver Hat

Cub Scouts:                       A Cub Shirt (and a Cub Book - not recommended pending Canadian Path update)

Scouts:                              A Scout Shirt (and a Scout Book - not recommended pending Canadian Path update)

Venturer Scouts:                A Vent Shirt


We provide all badges, neckers and woggle

Note:  We will consider co-ordinating uniform orders on behalf of parents in order to reduce shipping costs for all early in the new season. 

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